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Skoumal family (1594-1807)
Additional information about the Skoumal family from different sources (details).

Josef Skoumal (1846-1929) was born in Brníčko, near to Zábřeh. In the Czech Republic there also is an other Brníčko which is a part of the town Uničov. Between the two villages is only approx. 25 mph distance.are appropriate only zirka for 25 km of each other far away.
He immigrated to Hungary in 1869. He became a post officer here; at first in Budapest, then he was director of the post office in Jászberény between 1883-1901, then again in Budapest (further information).

Pauka, Tibor (1900 - 1970)
Son of Pauka, Károly and Skoumal, Janka. He was a teacher in the "Ferenc Verseghy" High School in Szolnok (H).

György (Skoumal), József (1883 - 1962)
was director of a post- and telegraph station in Sopron (H). His name changed from Skoumal, József to György, József  with the permission Nr. 27.528 (28.02.1911) of the Ministry of the Interior.
Up to the present day as his only child known György, József has lived in the last years of his life in the Kuruclesi Road 16, Budapest. He died sometime in the second half of the 1990's.

dr. Kovács, Dezső (1883 - 1927)
was editor of the magazine "Tanáregyleti Közlöny" and a teacher of the "Tanárképző Intézet" (Teacher Teaching Institute) (where?). He was 43 years old as he died.

Muhoray, Béla (1866 - 1905)
was lawyer, main deputy sheriff and landowner in Jászberény (H). His wife and his son died because of CO-poisoning in their castle on November 2, 1913.
(Photos, documents)
(Sources: dr. Kováts Dénes,, Muhoray György)

Czunf(?), Béla
was inspector of a post- and telegraph station and teacher on the post- and telegraph course in Pest (H).

Pauline Cajthaml (1889-1963) was born in Vranovice (CZ) and emigrated to the United States in 19... The problem is that there are 3-4 villages with the name Vranovice in the Czech Republic - one of them is in the former Moravia, the others are in the former Bohemia.

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