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Data service



By visiting the family tree sites consider you the following, please!

This sites were built according to Hungarian Standard. It means that datum is reversed like in the most of the countries:  01.01.1900 (or January 1, 1900) is written in Hungary like 1900.01.01..

Names are also written reversed in Hungary like the at most places of the world: after the surname comes the name.

Because of protection of personnel data, just the year of birth were published by living people. If it isn't marked with red, means that I have the exact date of birth. Only a member of the family could get the family tree with exact data. The residence (where it is known) is marked with the international car's sign of the country in the trees.

I marked my direct ancestors with green.

I don't divide into parts the family tree sites, so it can be possible that some family trees download for a longer time. I'll perhaps divide the table of Names and Localities according to families because they became very large in the meantime.
Unfortunately it failed to put lines for the better orientation into the trees. So I mark with paragraphs, who is whose child, e.g.:
     Generation 1
          Generation 2
          Generation 2
     Generation 1
          Generation 2
               Generation 3

<==> = divorced
    =>    = changed, moved
   [a]    = adopt
ed Child
    +     =
Ĺ     = common-law marriage
    ∞     =

There are linked names in the family trees. The link leads by living people to its homepage, by dead people to additional information and/or photos about it.

The Information-Link is also at the end of the family tree. On these sites are short information about some members od the given family. There are two causes why are these information here:
     1.) because they are too few to develop an own site about these people;
     2.) because I have missing or incorrect data about these people and/or their families, and these information could be help for visitors to identify itself like member of the family
. If you, Dear Visitor, would be member of these families according to these data, call on by me, and help to complete the tree, please! Thank you very much in anticipation!

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All rights reserved!