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Data service



This is my most seriously hobby. Some years ago - in 1997 - I took a fancy to search for my relations, on the basis of an in-1976-made family tree. Since this time I could expand considerably it and correct many false data. I got help from my relations whose families emigrated from Hungary between 1920 and 1950.

In 2001 I got a great loss: after a serious illness died the person, to whom I can thank for the most information and data - Mrs. Louise de Heinrich née Erney. Her kindness, patience an enthusiasm could help me to hold out in spite of pitfalls.

The biggest of my trees is the Hausners' family tree - this is the family of my father's mother. In honour of Louise Erney I took the Erney family out from the Hausners and I could complete it with some new members.

The family tree of my father's father - the Skoumals' - I could complete with the Czech part in March 2003. In July 2003 I also could find finally relations in the USA, who helped/helps me to complete the tree with data of the US part. But I need still a lot of helps from here.

Now I'm collecting data to the families of my mother, too - some data are available since September 29, 2003.

Dear Visitor, if you are a relation of me - you can check it in the family trees - and you find false or can tell me new data, contact me, please!

Thank You for your visit and for help!

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