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Data service




I am offering detailed data about people from the attached lists. Since the acquiring and indexing these sources had and has big costs, needed and needs lot of work and time, I do this service for a modest fee.
Names in these, continuously expanding lists come from parish registers or from grave stones.
The listed years of birth in many cases - especially in case of marriages and deaths - are estimated years of birth.
The listed localities can be birth place, residence or town of the source, too. In case of the towns outside of current border of Hungary but former Hungarian towns, or in case of other towns which have Hungarian name (e.g. Vienna = Bécs or Bucuresti = Bukarest) were listed the name written in the sources - mostly the historical Hungarian name. Where I was able to identify its current name I have listed these with the country code (international vehicle registration code).
The unification of Czech township name is in process but it takes time.
Red data means unsure information.

Czech lists:        A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Last update: AUG 20, 2014  -  43 160 records

Hungarian-related lists:     A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S Sz T U V W X Y Z

Last update: JUN 2, 2019  -  64 051 records
(+11 834 records) (with Central European spelling please find the lists at the Hungarian or German pages)

In case of data request has to be given possibly all of listed data about the requested person but at least Name, Code, and the blue number on the top of the page.

Price: transcripted data or photo about the entry/grave stone of the selected: 2.00 EUR/person or equal USD or GBP according to the exchange rate of

Attention! Before request photos ask for information! The photos - which have in many cases a poorer quality because the parish registers were allowed to photograph only without flash by a bad lightning - will contains readable data only about the selected person. In case of gravestones mostly only the names and data are photographed, not the whole grave.

Payment: by bank transfer or Transferwise transfer to the the via email given bank account (only in EUR) or via PayPal (EUR, USD, GPB).

For further details please contact me!

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