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Data service



My references in genealogy researches

Obtaining certified copies for official
(mostly for citizenship application) purposes

In genealogy tours

- Mrs. Denise Roberston Wesselényi, Canada - visiting the former castles of the Wesselényi family in Hadad (today: Hodod, Romania) and in Zsibó (today: Jibou, Romania) and the remains of the family tomb in Hadad's cemetery. Departure and arrival: Budapest, Hungary.
- Ms. Andrea Czaban, USA - visiting former family places in modern Ukraine (Visk - Vyshkovo) and Romania (Felsőbánya - Baia Sprie). Departure: Tiszakanyár, arrival: Debrecen, Hungary
- Mr. Adam Wesolowski, USA - visiting former family places in modern Slovakia: Méhi (today: Včelince) and Csicser (today: Čičarovce). Departure and arrival: Budapest, Hungary

I have connected following people with long lost relatives

- Ms. Lauren Takács, Australia - in Hungary
- Mrs. Karen Gerencsér Fort, United Kingdom - in Hungary
- Mrs. Nóra Venczel, Hungary - in Israel
- Mr. Konstantin Galanov, Russia - in Hungary

Non Hungarian references connected to the data service

- Mrs. Ingrid Schuster, Austria
- Mr. Joe Mandi, USA
- Mr. Radek Malochlava, Czechia
- Mr. Phil Hand, United Kingdom

- Mr. Michal Leno, Czechia
- Mr. Thomas Hurray, USA
- Mrs. Marissa Leifer, USA
- Mr. Abe Stern, USA
- Mr. Miguel Selvelli, Italy
- Mr. Howard Reisner, USA

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