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Data service



- Mrs. Judit Kopper, Hungary - ancestors tree
- Mrs. Veronika Fi, Hungary - Fi family tree
- Mr. Árpád Neményi, Germany - collecting data of the Nahodil family
- Mr. Ferdinand Siedl, Germany - ancestors tree of Mr. Siedl's grandfather
- Mr. Edgar Eckwert, Germany - searching for Eckwerts in Hungary
- Mr. Thomas Kniess, Germany - successful searching for the Kniess descendants living in Hungary
- Mr. Sergey Zuev, Russia - searching for his Hungarian origin grandfather's and other connected relatives' data in Transsylvania (Romania)
- Mr. Paul Marek, Austria - successful research for data and documents about Josef Marek and his family
- Mrs. Nataliya Morozova, Russia - searching for possibly still living Hungarian relatives
- Mrs. Ilona Welter, Germany - successful research of the father's branch and still living Hungarian relatives.
- Mrs. Alla Yurchenko, Russia - successful identifying her grandfather and collecting documents and information about him.
- Mr. Daniel Kun, Hungary - extending the family tree based on civil records with documented church records, also for Mrs. Kun's ancestors.
- Mr. Vince Kolozsvári, Hungary - succesful research for ancestors.
- Mr. Artem Kravchenko, China - succesful research for great-grandfather's family, born and lived in the historical Hungary and gaining documents about him in Romania.
- Mrs. Diane Lott, USA - succesful research for ancestors and gaining copies about their records in Temesvár (Timisoara, Romania).
- Mr. Timothy Kotsay, USA - succesful research for ancestors from Nagyszőlős (today: Vynohradiv, Ukraine) and from Temesgyarmat (Giarmata, Romania).
- Mrs. Anita Beck, Germany - succesful research for Hungarian ancestors.
- Mrs. Shannon Redling, USA - gaining official copies of church records from Hungarian parishes.
- Ms. Andrea Czaban, USA - succesful research for ancestors in Romania and in the Ukraine (former Hungarian Kingdom).
- Mr. Charles Stein, USA - succesful research for ancestors in Romania (former Hungarian Kingdom).
- Mrs. Edith Torok, Canada - collecting official copies of records in Hungary.
- Mrs. Evelyn Valliere, USA - succesful research for ancestors from Ötvösfalva (today: Zolotarevo, Ukraine).
- Mr. Gyula Hegedüs, Hungary - succesful research for ancestors in Romania (former Hungarian Kingdom).
- Mrs. Michelle Thorman, Canada - collectiong documents from the Hungarian Military Archive about her grandfather.
- Mr. Joe Mandi, USA - succesful research for ancestors from Beregszász (today: Berehove, Ukraine).
- Mrs. Dayna Tomlinson, Egyesült Királyság - successful reserarch for ancestors in from the modern Hungarian-Ukrainian border area both in Hungary and in the Ukraine.
- Mr. Shade Rupe, USA - successful research for ancestors and obtaining documents about them in Hungary.
- Mrs. Anna Vámosi, Budapest - reserach for and obtaining documents in Transylvania (today: Romania) about the ancestors.
- Mrs. Nancy Erdei, USA - successful research for ancestors in the modern Ukraine and in Hungary.
- Mr. András Kővári, Budapest - successful research for ancestors in the modern Ukraine.
- Mrs. Nóra Venczel Nóra, Budapest - completing of her paternal granmother's family tree and connecting her with long lost relatives in Israel.
- Mrs. Stacey Reiley, USA - succesful research for Konkoly and Bagyura ancestors in Hungary.
- Mr. Otto Benz, United Kingdom - obtaining records from the Historical Archives of the State Security Services about grandparents.
- Ms. Judit Mészáros, Hungary - completing her partner's family tree for his 40th birthday
- Mr. Péter Szita, Hungary - completing his Agamal ancestor's family tree trough collecting documents about a probate process from Austria and United Kingdom.
- Mr. Varga László, Mrs. Bíró Eszter, Mr. Honvéd Dávid, Hungary - research and obtaining copies of record about their ancestors from Ukraine
- Mr. Michael Gazda, USA - research for Gazda ancestors and obtaning copies of records from Korláthelmec (today: Kholmets', Ukraine)
- Mrs. Andrea Dlouhá, Czechia - successful research for her Goca ancestors in Nagylucska (today: Velyki Luchky, Ukraine)
- Ms. Marian Kümmel, Austria - successful research for ancestors in Hungary
- dr. András Pázmándi, Hungary - successful research for his ancestors in Subcarpathia (Ukraine)
- Legacy Family Tree, Inc., USA - more research projects

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