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Data service



I'm asking for assistance to the followings in connection to the Skoumal family tree:

- I would thank you each data, documents and information about family members of the Czech and of the U.S. part.

- Likewise I would be grateful if visitors from the Czech Republic could correct linguistically my Czech sites; and possibly translate the other (German or English) information about the Skoumal family into Czech.

- Of course, I also would like to extend my genealogical table - so far as only possible.

For U.S. citizen visitors:

I'm looking for family members of the following people. If you are one of them then contact me and help to full the Skoumal family tree, please! Thank you very much!
I have already contact person from some families but I still need help for exacter data.

Charles Skoumal
born:                            USA, unknown, 14. June 1917
died:                            May 1978
last Residence:              33457 Jensen Beach, FL
He is the son of Karel (Charles) Skoumal who was born in Brnicko and emigrated to the USA on 25. November 1912.
He had a sister - Elisabeth (marriage name is unknown).
His wife - Helen Loretta (1920) - lived in Jensen Beach in 2002, yet.

For more people look the tables of emigrants and dead people!

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