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Leopold Hausner (17.. - 18..)
backer, came from Enzersdorf im Thale, Austria. He married to Elisabetha Bartl (widowed Braun) in Böhmisch Krut (today Großkrut) on NOV 19, 1770, and started his family here. The name Hausner  was disappeared from the church books of Böhmisch Krut after 1865... Even the family of Karl Sperl and Rosalia Hausner disappeared from the church books of Břeclav after 1850...

Franz Hausner (1775 - 18..)
merchant. He was born in Böhmisch Krut as 3rd child of Leopold Hausner. After his teaching period in Bratislava and Pest he was joined to the Merchant's Giuld of Kraków in 1805. He moved further with his family in 1810 - according to a document to Opava (CZ) but there is not any proof about it. At the moment there is not any information about the family between 1810 and 1830, then one of hos sons marriage was registered in Košice's church books.

Hausner, Carolus Antonius (1806 - 1881)
was born in Kraków (Cracow, Poland) and died in Budapest (Hungary). He received the citizen right of Pest (Budapest) on December 1, 1845 against HUF 50,-. His parents were: nobilis Hausner, Franciscus and nobilia Ziobrowska, Anna Susanna Clara.
His second wife Ludovica Weindlmayer (1827 - 1881) was born in Wien (Vienna, Austria) and died in Budapest.

Hausner, Franciscus Leopoldus (1807 - 1888), a grocer, Károly's brother, who was also born in Kraków and he received the citizen right of Pest also at the same day and against the same sum like Károly.
In his death certificate stands: knight of the Imperial and Royal Golden Cross with Crown and of the St. Gregory's Order etc., retired secretary of the Riunione Adriatica di Sicurta
[Adriatic Insurance Company].

 new! Hausner, Károly Antal and Hausner, Ferenc Lipót were the owners of a property in Budapest under the number (10262-10264-10268)/C. With help of georefereed contemporary cards I could record it on the today's map of Budapest. Colours: pink = wineyard; velvet green = meadow; dark green = alley; brown = arable field; white = yard; purple = building. Today only the red marked building stands there.

Hausner, Dezső István (1883 - 1916)
was born in Budapest (Hungary), he was a bank clerk. He was killed near to Shelvov in Volhynia (Ukraine), during the Brusilov's offensive of the World War I. He was buried here - the exact place is still unknown.

Eisenbarth, Ágoston (August Eisenbarth) (1897 - 1981)
emigrated from Hungary to New York in 1920. He changed his name to Charles Barton. His sister Irén (Irene) (1899 - ????), wife of Leo Gobetzky also lived in the United States.

Gobetzky, Leo (1896 - 1977)
emigrated to the USA via Cherbourg (France) in 1924. He arrived to Ellis Island (NY) on the board of the Majestic on May 13, 1924. His family followed him later. His daughter Irén (Irene) (1922 - 2003), lived before her death somewhere in the U.S. (perhaps in Pennington, PA) in a nursing home.

Erney, Károly (1909 - 1974) has left Hungary with his family legally in 1948, Erney, Tibor (1923 - 2001) and  Heinrich, Gábor (1912 - 2002) have left the country with theirs families illegally in 1949. Károlys' in Zürich (Zurich, Switzerland), Tibors' in Vancouver B.C. (Canada), Heinrichs' in Montreal (Canada) have found their new home.

Szelnár, Aladár (1912 - 1978) and his family emigrated also to Montreal in 1950.

Szelnár, Margit (Margit Lessing née Szelnár) (1913 - 2005)
at that time Mrs. Fésüs - has left Hungary in 1935, she lived in Hamburg (Germany) since 1948.

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