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Data service



I'm asking for assistance to the followings in according to the Hausner family tree:

According to my data nobilis Hausner, Franciscus, father of Hausner, Károly Antal (*Kraw [PL], 1806), was a noble. There aren't any Hausner under the Polish noble families, so it was assumed that they were Austrian or German (Bavarian, of Baden-Württemberg etc.) nobles.
   It can be get data about these families at first from the Almanach of Gotha and from the series of Siebmacher's grosses und allgemeines Wappenbuch (Nürnberg, in the library cca. 1880-1920). This second source contains pictures about the coat-of-arms of noble families and also a short description of the family. In Hungary's biggest library is missing e.g. that volume (V. Band - Bürgerliche Wappen VIII.), too, where is written about a Hausner family. Here also miss the exemplars of those 6 volumes which were issued between 1605 and 1772. The series in the library, starting from 1880, is the continuation of Siebmacher's first 6 volumes. (the list of Volumes contains Hausner
[German part of my site!])
I came to know from its other volumes (e.g. extincted noble families) that the name Hausner has several versions like Hawssner, von Hausen, or von Haussen. It makes just more difficult my researches.
   I'm looking for help of that people from Kraków or Poland, also to nobilis Hausner, Franciscus and to his family, who has by any chance time during its research to look for data of these people, too. According to my data the baptism of Hausner, Károly Antal (Carolus Antonus) was registered in the VII. Volume (p. 46, Nr. 674  /1806) of the parish church of Beat. Mariae Virg. in Cracow.
   It can be possible that  have a false spelling of the name of nobilis Franciscus Hausner's wife „Ziebroska”, because don't live any people with this name on the world today. It could be Zebrowska (by male people Zebrowski).
I look also for help to research of data of Ludovica Weindlmayer's ancestors. I have the following code about her baptismal data: R.K. Pfarramt, Währing in Wien 110, Maynologasse 3.Tom.V.Folie 117.Währing N.40..

If you have the above-mentioned sources or you have other ideas, contact me, please! Thank You very much for your help in advance!

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