The Erney (Engeszer) Family

(*1877, Budapest [H] — †1948, Százhalombatta [H])

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Maurice Erney, machine engineer;

He was Diesel's direct colleague by the form of Diesel-engines; main engineer, later works manager of the „Ganz” Wagon- and Machine Factory; motor constructor, preparator of the „Ganz-Jendrassik” crud oil motor's production; launcher of the „Ikarus” Radiator and Metalware Co. (the following „Ikarus” Bodywork and Vehicle Factory) with Mr. Eugene Vécsey; creator of the Hungarian car-radiator production; one of the developers of the Hungarian automobile industry. (Source: Pallas Nagy Lexikona / The Big Encyclopedia of Pallas)

    He took a degree in machine engineer at the Technical University Budapest in 1899 - with an excellent record. His professor, Mr. Emil Asbóth attracted the attention of his talent soon. When Mr. Asbóth had known in Augsburg that Mr. Diesel is looking for colleagues, he recommended him the young engineer, who finished his service by the navy in Pula (today in Croatia). His trial period began in October 1899 and was gave him a permanent post in February 1900. Mr. Diesel was satisfied with his work, but he left the AG für Dieselmotoren (Diesel Engine Co.) in September 1901 because he wanted to utilize his experiences and his knowledge in construction for Diesel engine somewhere else.
     At first he leaded the department and the workshop of Diesel engine construction in the Ganz and Co.'s factory in Leobersdorf, than went to Belgium where he introduced the production of Diesel engine by S.A. des Ateliers Carels Freres, Gand Company. In 1904 he got to England where he worked as main engineer by the Diesel Engine Co. Ltd. and came to home in autumn the same year and worked as leader of the department and technical director again in the factory of Ganz and Co. in Leobersdorf.
     His life's next station was the Italian company Franco Tosi, Legnano where he was leader and main engineer the engine's department one year long. On 20th June 1910 he got "to home" again as company leader main engineer - to the Company Ganz and Co. Budapest. He was here as technical director leader of the engine's department till 1919.
     He had big merits by the propagation of Diesel engine in international relations, too. He had big role in the Ganz Factory in that to create the preconditions for the establishment of the Diesel-Jendrassik's engine production which demand a big productional precision.
     He stayed in the Ganz and Co. Wagon and Machine Factory to 1921 than he secured the needs of cooler of the whole Hungarian vehicle production with the improve of the Ikarus Cooler and Metalware Ltd. which he established with Mr. Eugene Vécsey. From this grew out the already
(not more - K.S.) world famous Ikarus Bodywork and Vehicle Factory. (Source: Magyar Életrajzi Lexikon / Hungarian Biographical Encyclopedia)

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