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Family trees
Dear Visitor!

The „GENEALOGIA.FW.HU” was born for amateur genealogists. Its goal is that everybody, who can't or don't want to pay thousands per person to search their ancestors, has the possibility to make this procedure cheaper with the publication their results.

It could place on this homepage the family trees and additional information about families and people, which exist at home. Family trees - except .html sites made by GEDCOM-files - would be uploaded in the homepage's standard form.
  - characters of family trees:
Times New Roman CE, 10 pt
  - letter size of the additional information (e.g. place of birth) in the family tree: 8 pt
  - color of missing, inaccurate data:
  - color of contradicting data, information:
pink (#FF7979)
  - color of data of the uploader's direct ancestors:
  - last names or surnames:
with bold characters

Family trees which don't come in standard form, will be revised after paying the costs.
Please, you try to send your data according to our standards, because of the consistent structuring and to handle and survey easy the website!

The uploader decides that it will appear the exact date of birth of living family members in the given family, or just their birth year.

The homepage is trilingual - Hungarian, English and German. Therefore you can meet with 2 or 3 different date forms: YYYY.MM.DD. (Hungarian), DD.MM.YYYY (German, English) and MMM DD, YYYY (English, not preferred form), which depends from the uploader's chosen "basic language". The uploader decides in which languages it want to publish its research results and makes and sends its data in this/these language/s.  It is possible to translate the information by us - against appropriate costs -, but we can't carry the restructuring of dates to the selected foreign language/s.

We asked our Hungarian researcher to give in their foreign-language-version family trees and information sites not (only) the historical Hungarian name of localities, but their today's official names and homelands (with their international sign of cars). (e.g. The Rosztóczy Family)
There are family trees which show with the international sign of cars of the country, where live or lived of the given families and/or their members.

Each Information site of the families show above all with which, on this homepage findable families are connected - if there are family trees with two or more common points. I'm sorry but I haven't the possibility to list all names of the family trees at the moment.

I wish you a pleasant and successful research on my homepage!

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